Why Use a Wedding Catering Service?

When to Hire a Catering Company?

Weddings are very important and stressful events; there are just too many things to plan, and food is one if the most important. If you are planning to hire an event catering service, you will probably have many questions about it; in this blog post, we will answer the most common ones to make your decision easier.


Answering the following questions will help you make a final decision:

  • Does the catering company offer the same food type as you want?
  • Does the company offer a sample of the menus to review?
  • What is their average price? Does it suit your budget?
  • What does the catering service include? Do they also offer a reception of the guests?
  • Will the service company provide you with all the furniture and service staff?
  • After the celebration, is the event catering service taking over the cleaning?
  • Does the company work with fresh, non frozen, food?
  • Can the catering company provide you with reviews from previous customers?
  • What about the weeding cake? Can the catering company make your weeding cake? Or do you have to order it somewhere else?

After answering these questions, you will be able to make up your mind better. The next thing you must do is find the right event catering company for your weeding. Usually, catering costs are presented “per person” charge (PP), but you must be aware of extra costs and taxes. Sometimes the price “PP” doesn’t include some hidden taxes and gratuity, also called service charge. If you don’t want any surprises, ask your catering company as many questions as you can, and make sure everything is clear to you.

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