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Top Trends in Wedding Menus for 2015

Which Are the Novelties in Wedding Catering

Wedding CateringEver since Pinterest became a thing, the level of thought and creativity put in planning a wedding got really high. Brides-to-be are now experimenting with everything, from the decorations and the color scheme to the appetizers and deserts. But that, of course, doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. Booking a wedding catering service should remain on your list so you can fully enjoy your special day. To give you some food inspiration, we made a list of the top catering trends for 2015:

1. Go for a brunch – Brunch food is becoming a really popular option for daytime weddings, but there are also some couples who like having their favorite pancakes for dinner too.

2. Get the guests involved – Instead of just passing food around in the cocktail hour, try making the whole process a nice experience for your guests. Set up a little bar where a chef can make their appetizers on the spot. The results will be delicious, and the making will be really fun to watch.

3. Get comfortable – It’s not necessary to get crazy sophisticated food if you don’t feel like it. Just ask your caterer to ‘dress up’ your favorite burgers, French fries or even mini pizzas. This is a nice way to showcase your personality to the people attending your wedding.

4. Set up a beverage station – These stations have gotten really popular lately. There, you can put anything, from alcohol to tea and coffee.

5. Get creative with the cake – As seen online, there are all kinds of options for the wedding cakes nowadays. Everything from a cone made of colorful French macaroons to a cake made entirely of pancakes is a great alternative.

6. After dinner snack – One of the huge trends lately has been serving after dinner snacks. The couple usually picks some of their favorite snack foods and sends out trays with it so the guests can have something to eat after the cake and the other foods are long gone.

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