Quinceanera Quinceañera is the Spanish word for a 15 year old girl. For Latinos in the USA, this is also a coming-of-age celebration that takes place on a girl’s 15th birthday. And when there is a celebration, there has to be food. If you want to throw a Quinceañera party in McAllen, TX, you will need a good catering company. It is important to hire a decent Quinceañera catering service as this is an extremely important event. To learn why exactly it is so, keep reading.

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The tradition can be traced back to many centuries ago, when both girls and boys had to go through rites of passage. At a certain age, girls were separated from the other children and were taught Quinceanera and Mariachiby elder women about their future roles as family and community members.People would express gratitude to the gods for the future wives and mothers, while the young women would vow to serve the community.

Consequently, Christian missionaries transformed the event into a personal affirmation of faith by young women. It was also an official promise to become good Christians, wives, and mothers. It involved a church celebration.

Today, this celebration is most often a very lavish party with many guests and a feast – very much resembling a wedding. Some traditions that accompany it are:

  • A church blessing
  • 14 male and female attendants and escorts, who are called Damas and Chambelanes – they represent the early 14 years of life
  • Giving a porcelain doll to a younger sister, as a symbol of leaving childhood behind or getting a final doll from her grandparents
  • Wearing the first pair of high-heeled shoes
  • Dancing the first dance with her father

As you can see, the significance of this event is not to be underestimated, and the celebration will have to reflect it. If you want to focus on all the positive emotions that it brings without experiencing any stress throughout the preparation, turn to a reputable catering company, like Catering Star Services, to take care of the food for your guests. We are based in McAllen, TX, and you can find us at (956) 683-8640.