Want to Know the History of the Mariachi?

Before Cortes, arrived in Mexico, music was played using the likes of drums, reed, and clay flutes, rattles, and conch shell horns, and was an integral part in religious celebrations. However, as the spread of Christianity happened, in several areas these instruments made way for instruments that were imported by the Spanish, like guitars, violins, […]


When Is the Right Time to Book a Catering Service?

You do not need to celebrate a special occasion in order to hire a catering company. There are many other cases, in which you may need professionally cooked warm food delivered to any location around . Classic events catering. In this group, we would like to list the most common events which our customers call […]


Find the Best Local Mariachis in 5 Easy Steps

If you are having a fiesta in the near future or a special event such as quinceaƱera, a wedding, sweet sixteen or a graduation and you consider hiring mariachi band, this article is just for you. The process might not be as fast and easy as you might think, but if you follow the tips […]

Wedding Catering

Top Trends in Wedding Menus for 2015

Which Are the Novelties in Wedding Catering Ever since Pinterest became a thing, the level of thought and creativity put in planning a wedding got really high. Brides-to-be are now experimenting with everything, from the decorations and the color scheme to the appetizers and deserts. But that, of course, doesn’t mean you have to do […]

Why Use a Wedding Catering Service?

When to Hire a Catering Company? Weddings are very important and stressful events; there are just too many things to plan, and food is one if the most important. If you are planning to hire an event catering service, you will probably have many questions about it; in this blog post, we will answer the […]